How it works

The system is deployed using smart sensors which report to a central location in real-time. Sensors alert upon detecting water, dropping temperatures (before pipes freeze), power, humidity, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) ingress/egress and other environmental factors in high-risk areas.

install. alert. escalate.

Flexible installation

Our system does not depend on internet connectivity at the property. It is a completely independent network, which includes its own battery backup in the event of power loss at a property. Sensors are installed using double sided 3M tape and need a few square inches of space. Our gateways require a home on the wall in a protected area and a 120v electrical outlet.

Water Detection

Detect excess water flow from sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and valves assist in managing significant events.

Occupancy Rates

Assist in managing meeting rooms and ensure the overall safety and wellbeing of participants.

QR Codes

Assist in managing meeting rooms and ensure the overall safety and wellbeing of participants.

Water Alerting Sensitivity

Customize water alerting based on sensitivity to reduce alert fatigue


Detect significant fluctuations ensures infrastructure and environment remains in a desired state.

Restricted Areas

Detect frequency of access and restricted parties to help manage risk at your property.

Digital Signage

Showcase technology and enable tenants & guests to have a more interactive experience.

Security Optimization

Detect door activity in cross over floors to enhance security protocol

Indoor Air Quality

Ensure overall levels of comfort within a building, detect changes in air quality for health & safety.

Building Access

Detect frequency and state of interior and exterior door and window activity for security.

Ultra-long Battery Life

Our network protocol is designed to extend battery life for as long as possible. A battery can last for years.

Cleaning Optimization

Collect data related to occupancy rates to optimize cleaning budgets, save on operating expenditure and achieve ESG mandates.

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